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Music Lessons in Seattle, WA

Private Music Lessons in Seattle

My home studio is located in Fremont, right off highway 99 with easy access from North Seattle, Queen Anne, and Magnolia. 

Academic Lessons for All Ages

Students with motivation to practice would benefit from my percussion lessons and beginner piano lessons.



—Percussion Lessons—

With a Master's Degree in percussion, I can help my students play confidently on drum set, hand drums, keyboard percussion (i.e. marimba, vibraphone, xylophone) and orchestral percussion which is useful for students in band and orchestra programs.

—Drum Set—

Drum set playing comes with a variety of styles and applications. My drum set lessons are tailored to the student's musical goals. I am fluent in rock drum set, jazz drum set, hip-hop beats, and world beats. Reading written music is not a requirement for these lessons.

—Beginner Piano Lessons—

Understanding the keyboard is fundamental for a well rounded understanding of music. My beginner piano lessons for all ages will teach students a thorough understanding of music theory, musical expression, and proper technique. 

General Music Lessons for Kids

Teaching music to kids in a private setting doesn't always have to center around one instrument. With arts funding being cut in public schools, general music exploration is needed today more than ever.

Untethered creativity in music promotes critical thinking, teamwork, mathematical thinking, and helps your child learn to be invested in the present moment.


My general music lessons are centered around introducing musical language and concepts into musical exploration. General music students enjoy exploring the many musical instruments around my music studio and often times will develop interests and long term focuses on various instruments and styles.


Active exploration is a cornerstone in these types of lessons, and I constantly reference the basic musical elements (notes, dynamics, rhythm, etc) while also playing and engaging fundamental skills (singing, call and response, playing together, etc.) throughout the session. These types of lessons don't require any assignments or practice, but will surely add noticeable musicality to you child's life.