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Drum Classes

Techniqual Focus

Exercises & cueing

Classes will center on body awareness and muscle cueing to guide the technical learning.

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basic strokes

Learn to analyze and apply Full, Down, Tap, and Up Strokes to your playing.

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Unlock your musicianship by studying the most common sticking patterns like Single Stroke Rolls, Doubles and Combination Patterns.

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Learn to play different rhythms in each hand accurately and comfortably. 

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Build Great Technique

Learn the fundamentals of drumming technique to build strength, endurance, and efficiency in your playing.

Improve Music Reading

Learning to read music can be like learning a new language. This class will use written music as a visual aid while learning the techniques and exercises by ear and sight. Emersion is the #1 way!

Improve Rhythm

These classes build an understanding of basic rhythms and time structures in music. You will learn to internalize rhythm with counting and foot-tapping.

Learn the Basics

Drumming is comprised of just a few basic strokes. Learn how to execute these strokes and apply them to your drumming practice.

At-Home Practice Resources

Get discounted access to my at-home instructional and practice videos so you can easily practice at home.

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